The Cat Cover Company

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Welcome to the Cat Cover Company I offer a full range of covers to fit the hexagonal plastic carriers as well as the rectangular wire mesh type.  If you would like embroidery I will need to know what you would like, if itís just a name or a slogan thatís fine, but if itís your logo I will need it sent to me via email. I also offer embroidered fleece blankets, so when your kittens leave to go to their new homes theyíll have something which smells familiar.

For the last couple of years Iíve run my own business making accessories for
sports cars and embroidered regalia for clubs & businesses.  I started making covers for pet carriers because my cat was taken ill and I noticed he was very stressed by the other pets in the waiting room at the vets so when we got home I made the first carrier cover. It worked, the next visit to the vets was much better for him. I didnít think anymore about the covers until six months later when we collected our new kitten, the breeder was so impressed with the cover she ordered 3 on the spot and The Cat Cover Company was born.

Please feel free to get in touch and have a chat about what you would like done.

Items from my online shop

Examples of Commissioned Embroidery Designs

  A small video clip showing the rigorous quality control procedures the cat cover company undertakes.